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Product Profiles

Easily deploy stories to get customers back into your cart.


Shoppers Scan the QR Code...

50% of the time with the right incentives


Customers see the custom template you’ve selected... and are immersed into a fully customized story.

What This Means For You.

Four types of interactive stories to tell. A story with an incentive.


Revenue Forecasting

Forecast market demand for the products you make.

Open Direct Sales Channels

Sell where you get the highest margins, directly to your customers.

Custom Tools

Meet the needs of your sales and marketing teams with real time analytics.


Price the goods and services you want to sell in app and mapped to your data.


Gain insights into customer behavior that can improve sales.

COA to Sale

Turnkey software solution that monetizes the COA directly!


Track quality and quantity of current and past batches from raw source material to finished products. Gain insights from current supply chain pricing for demand forecasting of batch and product production.

Plug in custom data and information to plan product launches with real data that makes a difference. Unlock the full potential of products and brands with cutting edge tools customized for industry.

Market View

Market view allows for a combination of business inputs and customer sales numbers to track the materials that matter most to brands.

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